WorldViewEyes is combining its efforts with Room For Doubt, a unique apologetics project.

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by Dr. Rich Knopp

Sample Presentations:

Room For Doubt Series
Lowell, IN

2019 Worldview Camp
High School & College
Park Rapids, Minnesota
Room For Doubt Apologetics Event

2019 Summit
Center for Church Leadership:
"Growing Faith by Giving Room For Doubt"

2019 LCU Leaders'
"Engaging a Culture of Doubt"

High School Message
at Eastview Christian
"Fighting the Forces You Face" (2 Cor. 10:5).

Jr Hi Message at Eastview Christian
"Are Ya Crazy?"

Preparing the Soil for the Seed: Giving Room For Doubt
June 2017


For Dr. Rich Knopp's
click here.





Multimedia Presentations are one important outlet for WorldViewEyes. Over 78,000 youth and adults have attended a WorldViewEyes presentation. See more info about WVE presentations.

WorldViewEyes, a program at Lincoln Christian University , was launched in 2000 with grants from the Lilly Endowment of Indiana. It is designed to help youth and adults Expand their minds, Engage their culture, Evaluate beliefs, and Embrace a Christian worldview.

100 Campus View Drive
Lincoln, IL 62656
217.732.3168 x2252
Email: info AT worldvieweyes dot org