WorldViewEyes is dove-tailing its efforts with Room For Doubt, a new apologetics project for churches and other ministries.

Dr. Rich Knopp, WVE Director, serves as the program's coordinator.

Check out the Room For Doubt website.

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by Dr. Rich Knopp

Sample Presentations:

The Vine High School
Event @ LCU
Tolerance, Truth, &

April 2017

February 2017
Developing Conviction
Des Moines (IA).

February 2017
Giving Room For Doubt
Church Leaders' Conf.

January 2017
Learning to Love God,
Not the World

Seminary Chapel Sermon

November 2016
Why Is the Church Losing Her Kids? And What Can Be Done About It?
Truth Conference
(Peoria, IL)

November 2016
Your Faith Is In Danger
High School Campus Challenge
VIDEO available

November 2016
For "Senior Saints"
Lincoln, IL
VIDEO available

July 13, 2016
North American Christian Convention (Anaheim, CA)
"Learning to Love God in a World of Growing Skepticism and Secularism"

April 23, 2016
Intentional Church Conference
Decatur, IL

April 8, 2016
Michigan Christian Convention

Why Does God Allow Tragedy & Suffering?
Chillicothe Christian Church
Message and Q&A
VIDEO available

The Cultural Demise and the Demands of the Christian Worldview
(Ministers' Retreat)
VIDEO available


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Multimedia Presentations are one important outlet for WorldViewEyes. Over 75,000 youth and adults have attended a WorldViewEyes presentation. See more info about WVE presentations.

WorldViewEyes, a program at Lincoln Christian University , was launched in 2000 with grants from the Lilly Endowment of Indiana. It is designed to help youth and adults Expand their minds, Engage their culture, Evaluate beliefs, and Embrace a Christian worldview.

100 Campus View Drive
Lincoln, IL 62656
217.732.3168 x2252
Email: info AT worldvieweyes dot org


The Vine High School Youth Conference
Lincoln Christian University
March 31 - April 1, 2017
For more info, click HERE.