Are You Interested in Your Church
Hosting a BWI Event?

A BWI can be offered in churches that have adequate staff, facilities, technology, and marketing potential to host a minimum of 100 participants for the multimedia event. Initially, it will be held in various geographical locations within 250 miles of Lincoln Christian University (Lincoln, Illinois).

BWI will provide the following:

  • Internet publicity
  • Publicity and graphic files for color posters, etc.
  • Master files for session outlines and resources to be photocopied for BWI notebook.
  • Graphics and promotional material for publicity slides (PowerPoint or Keynote).
  • A promotional DVD for the event (3-4 minutes) that can be shown in church services, small groups, etc.
  • Color insert page for notebook cover.
  • Available online registration and online payment of fees. (Any registration data and fees received online by BWI will be given to the host church.)

The HOST CHURCH is expected to provide the following:

  • Local and regional marketing.
  • All local arrangements for facilities (including comfortable chairs and recommended tables for participants).
  • Setting and managing registration fees and the registration process.
  • Three-ring participant binders (preferably 1") with a transparent cover for insert page.
  • Printing or photocopying and assembling a notebook of materials for every participant (preferrably at least some pages should be in color).
  • Any meals for attendees (if desired).
  • Adequate arrangements for technology (see below).
  • Housing and expenses for a 2 or 3 who will set up equipment and displays the night before the event.
  • Local i ndividual(s) to run the house audio/video systems.

The COST to Host a BWI

Typically, the minimum fee for a church to host a one-day BWI will range from $2,100-$3,000, with BWI to receive 50% of registration income above the prearranged fee.  The minimum fee is based on the schedule, the number of different presenters and sessions, expected travel and meal costs, overnight stays, etc. Typically, the received event fees should more than cover the minimum cost of a BWI.

The host church is to set the registration fee based on its own situation and provisions (e.g. whether lunch is included), and it will receive all registration fees. BWI recommends that registration fees received "at the door" be higher to encourage early registration. The general recommended fees for a one-day BWI (not including meals) are as follows:

  • Individual adults = $20-$30
  • Youth (15-21) = $15
  • Families (3 or more - spouses and teenage children) = $35-$50

Some "Technical" Issues about Hosting a BWI

BWI sessions are multimedia in nature, with all sessions using a laptop computer for slides as well as audio and video files. BWI will provide the laptop computer, a video cable to plug in to a VGA that runs to the projector(s), and an audio cable to plug into a 1/4" phone plug breakout box or an XLR microphone cable.

The church must provide good quality video projector(s) with a VGA connection that is accessible from the stage; large screen(s); a high quality sound system, a heavy-duty electrical extension cord near the stage, and comfortable seating for a minimum of 100 registered participants.

Some "Timetable" Issues about Hosting a BWI

The BWI speakers have busy schedules and are often in heavy demand for other speaking engagements. Since a BWI typically uses 4-5 speakers, it is important to schedule a BWI event well in advance (a year or more, though shorter timeframes may be possible).

After a date is finalized, the host church should determine registration fees (at least three months in advance of the event). Only then can print and online registration materials and publicity be made available.

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