NOTE: The Bible & Worldview Institute was operational from 2008-2012. Its objectives are now carried out through the ongoing activities of WorldViewEyes and the Room For Doubt program.


The BWI Mission:

The Bible & Worldview Institute is an educational event produced by WorldViewEyes at Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL. The mission of the BWI is to help individual youth and adults, families, and churches understand, develop, and consistently apply a biblical worldview. The Institute is intended for church leaders, older Christians and newer Christians, men and women, college age youth, parents, and teens. It is offered in host churches as a weekend event. (An all-day Saturday event can be arranged or an event that includes Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning.)

The Key Objectives of the BWI:

  • Lead Christians to understand the nature of a biblical worldview and its importance for Christian discipleship and leadership.
  • Describe the “big picture” of the message and history of the Bible.
  • Identify major competing worldview influences in our culture.
    Present the uniqueness of Christ and the Christian faith.
  • Challenge youth and adults to apply a biblical worldview in ALL areas of life.
  • Offer multimedia sessions and valuable resources for continued biblical worldview development.

Session Topics and Presenters:

BWI sessions are offered by respected Christian scholars and skilled speakers who are passionate for the ministry of the church. Possible topics and speakers are listed below. Topics and speakers are scheduled based on church requests, scheduling options, and speaker availability. (See some "previews" of the BWI sessions.)

Presenter: Dr. Rich Knopp

“The Need for a Biblical Worldview in an Age of Options”
Dr. Rich Knopp, presenter
George Barna, a highly acclaimed Christian pollster, claims that while 45% of American adults are “born again,” only 5% of adults and only 2% of teens have a “biblical worldview.”  This session will introduce the concept of a biblical worldview and demonstrate its critical importance for effective Christian discipleship and leadership in a world of competing philosophies and religions (or worldviews). What ARE these other worldviews? WHERE are they? The session will survey some prominent worldviews, highlight their basic principles and influence in our culture, and offer direction for how Christians should respond.

“A Christian Perspective on Science and Evolution”
Dr. Rich Knopp, presenter
Science and Christianity are often viewed in necessary conflict with each other, and the disputes over evolution and creation still grab the news.  This session will help you develop a more positive understanding of the relationship between science and the Christian faith and how to respond to the big questions involving science.  What about the Big Bang?  Is evolution true?  What are some key problems with evolution?  Why can’t Darwinism explain the origin of life?  What is Intelligent Design?  Are there any good evidences of God’s creation of the universe and of life?

"Christian Apologetics: Why Should I (or Anyone) be a Christian?"
Dr. Rich Knopp, presenter
This session offers an overview of Christian apologetics--the effort to defend the truth of Christianity to our modern world (see 1 Peter 3:15). It provides a biblical backround for apologetics, surveys various types of apologetics, outlines a general strategy for exposing problems with non-Christian worldviews, and highlights key considerations for why Christianity can rightly be regarded as "better" than other worldview alternatives.

“Biblical Ethics and Moral Absolutes” - Dr. Rich Knopp, presenter
Many today say they totally reject any kind of moral “absolutes,” and many professing Christians are not so certain about these absolutes either.  Is anything right (or wrong) for everybody?  Can an action be right for one person but wrong for another?  This session will offer an overview of what the Bible says about such questions and how we should determine what is right and wrong. It will suggest that while the Bible offers moral absolutes, it also speaks about how “right” and “wrong” also depend on a person's motives, on conscience, on the situation, and even on the consequences of actions.  Yet this is NOT "situation ethics." Biblical morality includes "absolutes," but it is much more capable of addressing complex situations than many Christians and non-Christians typically think.

Dr. Rich Knopp - Professor of Philosophy & Apologetics, Lincoln Christian University; Director of WorldViewEyes, a program developed from over $1 million in grant funds from the Lilly Endowment of Indiana.  Rich teaches courses in worldviews, apologetics (defending Christian faith), philosophy, logic, ethics, and Christianity and science.  His degrees are from St. Louis Christian College (B.A.), Lincoln Christian Seminary (M.Div.), Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (M.A.), and the University of Illinois (Ph.D.). Much of his graduate work focused on the relationship between science and religion.

Prior to teaching at Lincoln, Rich has served as a preaching minister (5 years) and a youth minister (4 years). He is currently the board chairman for the Christian Campus Foundation (Axiom), a campus ministry at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. For more biographical information, click HERE.

Presenter: Brian Johnson

“The Worldview of the Bible”
Whether you’ve been in the church most of your life or are a relatively new Christian, it is crucial to understand the “big picture” of the Bible—its history, its books, and its overall message.  This session will connect the dots of the history, literature, and theology of the Bible in a way that will be valuable for both the long-time Christian and the new believer.

Brian Johnson - Former Professor of New Testament, Lincoln Chrstian University and current Director of Education for G.O. Ministries to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Brian has degrees from Cincinnati Bible College and Cincinnati Christian Seminary. 

While at Lincoln, Brian's classes included Introduction to the Bible, Introduction to Paul's Epistles, Interpreting Scripture, Gospel of John, and the Book of Revelation. Brian frequently reads papers at scholarly conferences and has done so as far away as Cambridge, England and Groningen, The Netherlands. He has written journal articles and contributed chapters to four different books. He served in a local preaching ministry for six years.

Presenter: Dr. Bob Kurka

“Competing Pictures of Jesus” (Dr. Bob Kurka)
Increasingly, the Christian understanding of Jesus as the unique and resurrected Son of God is frequently challenged in news magazines, television specials like The Lost Tomb of Jesus, and even movies and books like The DaVinci Code. This session will expose the objectives and questionable assumptions behind these popular pictures of Jesus.   

Dr. Bob Kurka - Professor of Theology and Culture, Lincoln Christian University's seminary. He has degrees from Minnesota Bible College (B.A), Lincoln Christian Seminary (M.Div.), and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (D.Min.).  He is also currently working on a Ph.D. in theology from Trinity Evangelical. Dr. Kurka has been a visiting lecturer for two international graduate programs, Ghana Christian University in Accra, Ghana (2004, 2005), and the Eastern Asia Graduate School in Yangon, Myanmar (2005). He also serves as a regular lecturer for the popular “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” course throughout the Midwest.

He has had years of preaching ministry experience in a variety of settings including rural congregations, new church work, inter-denominational ministry, university campus ministry, interim ministries, and inner city congregational leadership. He is currently an elder at Lincoln Christian Church.

Presenter: Dr. Don Green

“Becoming a Kingdom Leader by Living a Biblical Worldview” -- ADULT session  (Don Green)
God calls you not just to follow Him but to lead others.  Whether you are an adults or a teen, being a disciple of Christ should prompt you to become a more consistent Christian in the daily life you live and in the way you lead. What qualities do you need to develop to become a more effective Christian leader?  How should a biblical worldview affect the way you live?  How should you apply a biblical worldview to your work or profession, education, recreation, and relationships? This session will lead you to apply a biblical worldview to some very practical areas of your life.

Dr. Don Green - Director and Professor of Leadership, Hargrove School of Adult and Graduate Studies. He has degrees from Lincoln Christian College, Lincoln Christian Seminary, and a D.Min. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Leadership and Ministry Management.

Following 15 years of ministry in churches in Illinois and Indiana, he joined the staff of Lincoln Christian College and Seminary in 1982. Prior to assuming his current role in 2001, he served the institution as Administrative Assistant to the President, Director of Institutional Advancement, and Executive Vice President.

He has been an adjunct faculty member at Lincoln Christian University's Seminary for the past 15 years, teaching primarily in the area of leadership. He has the passion for developing leaders for the church who will help the church be all that God intends for her to be. To that end he serves as a church consultant, provides leadership training seminars, and coaches numerous students and alumni in their ministries. He has helped develop a website for church leaders at

Presenters for Youth Sessions: Rondel Ramsey & Brian Mills

* “Jesus and the Life I Live” – YOUTH session (Brian Mills / Rondel Ramsey)
Christian teens are often very enthusiastic about their worship, but they sometimes don’t see the connections between their faith and their life outside of church.  If you’re a young Christian, what difference would a biblical worldview bring to your daily life?  How would a biblical worldview affect your approach to school, sports, the way you socialize, dating, and your future career?  This session will emphasize that being a disciple of Jesus means not just having a biblical worldview but living it.

Brian Mills is the Vice President of Student Development at Lincoln Christian University.  He is especially concerned about cultivating a campus environment and an ongoing challenges to help students become mature Christian leaders.  He is a graduate of Dallas Christian College and has served in ministries in the inner city of Dallas, Denton (TX) Christian Church, and Valley View Christian Church in Dallas.

Rondel Ramsey is professor of Youth Ministry at Lincoln Christian University. Previous to teaching at LCC, Rondel served as youth minister at Central Church of Christ in Streator, Illinois for 15 years.  Rondel graduated from Johnson Bible College in 1986 and received a Master of Arts in Preaching and New Testament from JBC in 1999.  He has also been a presenter for WorldViewEyes at various Christ in Youth Conferences.


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