Christian Apologetics:
Why Should I (or Anyone) Be a Christian?

Eastview Christian Church's college ministry, Fuel, hosted a retreat called "The Dip" (Sept. 9-11, 2011) at Little Galilee Christian Assembly near Clinton, IL. About 200 college-age students attended. The retreat focussed on various "dips" that occur in one's life, whether they be romantic or spiritual. One kind of "dip" can be created by others who criticize our faith and even by our own doubts about its plausibility.

The session on Christian Apologetics attempted to do the following things:

  • Challenge Christians to share and defend a Christian faith that makes sense and offers genuine stability in life.
  • Provide an overview of what Christian apologetics involves.
  • Offer a general strategy for interacting more effectively with those who are not Christians.
  • Prompt both Christian believers and non-believers to examine key considerations for why Christianity is "better" than other interpretations and ways of life.


Teacher: Dr. Rich Knopp, Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics, Lincoln Christian University - Lincoln, Illinois. For more biographical info, click here.


Handout & Resources

Session Handout (with a list of book and website resources).

Email your questions (before or after the retreat).

Answers to Questions Raised. (Follow this link to see answers to various questions that were raised during and after the retreat.)

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