Some Presentations and Resources by Dr. Rich Knopp

Multimedia presentations on a variety of topics are offered for conventions, conferences, and churches.  As of early 2020, WVE presentations have been attended by over 80,000 adults and youth in 22 states, Canada, and China. Since 2014, many presentations are done on behalf of Room For Doubt, a grant project that began in August 2013.  The two programs share many of the same objectives. 

Below is a list of many of these church and parachurch presentations. Most of these links have separate webpages with a variety of resources, including handouts, slides, and audio/video recordings.  For a list of other presentations, including more scholarly ones, see Dr. Knopp's curriculum vitae HERE. 

For information about scheduling a presentation, retreat, weekend workshop, or a class, EMAIL Dr. Rich Knopp. A variety of topics for adults, college age, or high school groups can be addressed that pertain to Christian worldview, Christian apologetics, Christianity and science, etc.

  • "Apologetics: Becoming a More Confident Christian and a More Convincing Witness." Five-week series with 75 minute sessions.
    Lincoln Christian Church, Lincoln, IL. (April-May, 2013).
    • "Christianity or Something Else?"
    • "Questions about God"
    • "Questions about Miracles and Jesus"
    • "Questions about the Bible"
    • "Common Questions and Criticisms"
    See more info. Handouts, slides, and audio available.
  • "The Story: Beginnings." Four 90-minute presentations on Genesis and Exodus as a part of "The Story" curriculum.
    Westside Christian Church, Springfield, IL. (Sept-Oct, 2012).
    See more info. Handouts available.

  • "Living a Christian Worldview in an Age of Alternatives."
    Taylorville (IL) Christian Church (Oct. 2012)
    • "Worldview Lessons from the Apostle Paul (Acts 17:16-34).
    • "God's Call to a Christian Worldview"
    • "Being a Confident Christian in a Culture of Competitors"
      See more info. Handouts available.

  • "Secular Humanism."
    Jefferson Street Christian Church, Lincoln, IL (September 2012).
    Get handout.
  • Invited Lecture: "Lessons from the Philosophy of Science on the Perceptions and Practice of Science"
    Center for Research in Science, Azusa Pacific University (Nov. 2011).
    Handout available. Video also available on iTunesU.
    See more info.

  • "Christian Apologetics: Why Should I (or Anyone) Be a Christian?"
    Eastview Christian Church retreat for Fuel college-age ministry (Sept. 2011).
    Handout available.
    See more info.

  • "Worldviews 101: Learning to Love God with Your Worldview"
    Northview Church, Carmel, IN (April-May, 2011).
    Six 90-minute sessions. Handouts and videos available.
    See more info.

  • "Singing in Our Celebration" (sermon on Psalm 19)
    Lincoln Christian Seminary chapel (Nov. 2010)
    For audio/video, click HERE.

  • "Science, Genesis, & the Christian Worldview"
    Madison Park Christian Church, Quincy, IL (April 2010).
    See MEDIA links ...

  • K.T. Norris Lectures & Sermons
    Maritime Christian College, Prince Edward Island, Canada (Jan. 2010).
    See more info.

  • Bible & Worldview Institute
    First Christian Church, Morris, IL

    See more info. ...
    See some pictures.

  • Worldview Sessions
    Westbrook Christian Church, Bolingbrook, IL (April 2009)
    Handouts available.
    See more info.



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