"Faith: Is There Room for Doubt?"

Workshop by Rich Knopp, Ph.D.

This webpage offers resource materials for a workshop given at the 2014 Illinois Christian Teen Convention.

Session Resources

Session Audio. (You can listen to the audio and follow along with the session slides.)

Session Slides (one PDF file).

Session Slides synced with audio (posted when available).

Session Video (coming).

Watch some brief video clips:

SURVEY: A survey on "DOUBT" was given during these sessions.  Results and highlights from that survey will be accessible on this page when available.

Dr. Rich Knopp, Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics, Lincoln Christian University - Lincoln, Illinois. Rich is also the Director of WorldViewEyes and the Coordinator for Room For Doubt.  For more biographical info, click here.  To send an email, click here.

Check out Room For Doubt, a website that encourages questions and conversation about the Christian faith.


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