"The Demise and the Demands
of the Christian Worldview"

Illinois State Ministers' Retreat
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Session by Dr. Richard A. Knopp

Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics
Project Coordinator, Room For Doubt
Program Director, WorldViewEyes
Lincoln Christian University
Session Sponsored by Room for Doubt

Session Overview

This session discusses (1) the demise of the Christian worldview in our culture; (2) factors that are determining this demise; and (3) what the church, church leaders, and parents can do to address this demise in more effective ways.

Session Resources

Session Handout (with blanks).

Session Handout (with ANSWERS for Blanks).

VIDEO (slides synced with audio). 

Audio Recording

Color Slides in PDF format


Dr. Rich Knopp is Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University - Lincoln, Illinois; Director of WorldViewEyes; and Project Coordinator for Room For Doubt. For more biographical info, click HERE.

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