Being Relevant When Talking to the Skeptical

Morning: "The Diagnosis: Understanding and Adjusting
to Growing Doubt and Skepticism"

These multimedia sessions will describe and analyze the growing doubt and skepticism in our culture and the church and offer an orientation on how to address them by creating a better mood and employing better methods.

Afternoon: "The Prescription: Offering Relevant Responses
to Doubt and Skepticism"

These multimedia sessions will present and apply a general strategy for responding to doubt, skepticism, and non-Christian perspectives. It will highlight some core considerations for advancing the Christian faith that are most relevant and potentially more effective.

Handouts & Resources

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Dr. Rich Knopp is Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University - Lincoln, Illinois; Director of WorldViewEyes; and Project Coordinator for Room For Doubt. For more biographical info, click HERE.

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