Dr. Rich Knopp
Bio Info and Endorsements

Rich Knopp has produced and given hundreds of multimedia presentations on Christian worldview, apologetics, and philosophy at academic conferences, colleges/universities, churches, national and state conventions, and conferences for adults and teens. Information and related materials for many of these events can be found HERE.

While more complete biographical information on Dr. Knopp can be found HERE, the material below provides an overview of his background and experience along with some endorsements of his work.

Current Positions:

    • Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University since 1983.
    • Project Coordinator and Presenter for The Apologetics Project, an initiative funded by the Loftis Foundation that began in 2013.
    • The Director of WorldViewEyes since 2000, a program funded by over $1 million in grants from the Lilly Endowment to help youth and adults understand and live a Christian worldview.  The program has provided multimedia presentations for about 70,000 adults and youth in 20 states and Canada. 
    • Board Member for the Christian Campus Foundations, a campus ministry at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Academic Background:

    • Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Illinois
    • M.A. in Philosophy, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
    • M.Div. in Theology and Philosophy, Lincoln Christian Seminary
    • B.A. in Christian Ministries, St. Louis Christian College

Presentations for Conferences and Conventions:

    • Presentations have been given for the North American Christian Convention; the National Missionary Convention (now the International Conference on Missions); numerous Christ in Youth conferences; Christian teen conventions in Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania; and the National Youth Leaders’ Convention.

Presentations for Colleges, Universities, and Academic Conferences:

    • Special college or university lectures have been delivered at Azusa Pacific University; Maritime Christian College; Manhattan Christian College; Kansas State University; Western Illinois University; and the University of Illinois Medical School.
    • Academic conference presentations have been given for the Midwest and National meetings of the Evangelical Theological and Philosophical Society; the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference; and the Wheaton Theology Conference.


    • Articles or book reviews have appeared in The Stone-Campbell Journal, The Christian Standard, Encounter, and The Journal of Campus Ministry.

    Endorsements for Dr. Rich Knopp

Jeff Mayfield

Minister of Discipleship, Taylorville Christian Church (www.taylorvillechristian.com)

Now Senior Minister, LeRoy Christian Church (www.leroychristianchurch.org)

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We were blessed to host Dr. Richard Knopp of Lincoln Christian University at the Taylorville Christian Church in October 2012.  Rich's thorough command of the World View eyes material, his passionate and exciting delivery, and his ability to demonstrate how timely the material is and how critical it is for each one of us to "always be ready to give an account of the hope in us," was exemplary!


We asked Rich to preach, to teach and to host some Q & A.  His scholarly treatment of the material is presented in a non-threatening way and because he is such a great communicator he is able to break it down so that all segments of the audience have a "take-away" experience.  The multi-media that accompanies his presentations are chalked full of movie, TV, and music references that immediately connect with the audience and draw them into the teachings.  The handouts make it easy to follow along and provide outstanding information for follow-up. 


Dr. Knopp caused a buzz and created an excitement around our church that few speakers or presenters could match.  We even had to change our preaching plan because he created a hunger in our people for more "Christian Worldview" teaching.  We felt it was especially important to get his info into the hands of our young people who are being taught about every conceivable worldview, but a Christian one!


Without hesitation I give a complete and hardy endorsement of Dr. Richard Knopp and his presentations and would welcome any opportunity to answer further questions or to confirm with you why I recommend him so highly!”


Brandon Boyd

Adult Discipleship Minister, Lincoln Christian Church, Lincoln, IL (http://www.lincolnchristianchurch.org)

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“Dr. Rich Knopp is a key player in the world of apologetics. Dr. Knopp taught a five-week series on Christian apologetics for our Wednesday program. We experienced record-breaking crowds for our Wednesday study.


The audience consisted of many solid church members interested in sharing new truth with their friends and neighbors, and also with people brand new to the faith, people still exploring faith, and even fellow university professors. 


Dr. Knopp's presentation was of the highest quality.  Both the handouts and visual media were outstanding.  The information presented spoke to the most often objections to the Christian faith in an understandable and applicable manner.


I encourage you to listen to this man's work. Bring friends, neighbors, even people hostile to faith to hear him.  They will all come away changed.”


Ron Keller

Member of Lincoln Christian Church (www.lincolnchristianchurch.org)

Curator, Lincoln Museum, Lincoln College, Lincoln, IL (www.lincolncollege.edu/museum)

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“As a life-long Christian, I have continuously sought to receive Biblical teaching that both deepens my faith and challenges me intellectually in my core belief system.  While I have participated in some good teachings through the years, never have I encountered anything close to the thought-provoking content that Dr. Richard Knopp offered in his Apologetics series at our church.  At a moment in my life in which some faith doubt had begun to creep into my soul, Dr. Knopp’s apologetics series spoke needed truth to me.  Dr. Knopp’s presentations and resources have amazing potential not only to alter worldviews, but to transform the very lives and fates of thousands of unchurched individuals won over by the logical and analytical suasions that he provides.  I have read books on Apologetics by other known authors, but none truly brings to the table the combination of deep knowledge and methodical reasoning, unequaled passion for the topic, and genuine compassion for mankind that Dr. Knopp does.   I am changed because of his Apologetics series.   You will be too!”



Andrew Fitzgibbon

Director of Small Groups and Men’s Ministries, Westside Christian Church, Springfield, IL (www.wschurch.org)

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“Dr. Knopp has a unique ability to combine intelligence, technology, humor, and a pastor’s heart to educate and inspire others through his teaching.   So when I asked Dr. Knopp to launch our evening teaching series, I knew I would get a high caliber quality presentation.   However, he delivered an even better series than I had anticipated. With dynamic multimedia presentations and user friendly materials he held the interest of our people throughout the lesson series. His witty humor coupled with his mastery of the content created a hunger in our members that left them wanting more. As a result of his presentations our members are better equipped and motivated to carry the ministry forward. Our Adult Discipleship Team welcomes his teaching.”


Steve Poe

Lead Pastor, Northview Church, Carmel, IN (www.northviewchurch.us)

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“In April/May of 2011, Professor of Philosophy and Christian Apologetics Dr. Rich Knopp came to Northview to present a large-scale presentation to our church family about worldviews. Dr. Knopp was a skilled presenter that captured the attention of our audience and helped educate them, in a relevant and concise way, about how to develop and live a Christian worldview.


We strive to offer a high level of excellence in all ministry events that we offer at Northview, and Dr. Knopp’s six-week presentation was no different. The caliber of his content, as well as his presentation style and supporting material, helped our attendees attain the goal of the course—to understand what having a Christian worldview means. Dr. Knopp’s course is still something that our people refer to and remember.


On a personal note, I believe Dr. Knopp’s worldview presentations are important for every Christian to hear and understand. I am passionate about developing Christians at Northview who have an understanding of what a Christian worldview means, and Dr. Knopp’s courses are an extremely helpful tool.


I personally recommend Dr. Knopp and his courses as a great place for any Christians or churches looking to get a better understanding of what it means to have a Christian worldview.”



Stan Killebrew

Teaching Pastor, Northview Church, Carmel, IN (www.northviewchurch.us)

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“Two years ago, I invited Dr. Knopp to teach a semester of our Northview University here at Northview Church.  I still receive requests from our folks to access his teachings.  They were very good!  He taught for 90 minutes for 6 Thursday nights in a row to a crowd of about 700 of our people.  His material was engaging and his delivery was outstanding. His multi-media presentation style was very well received by our church.  In a day and age when our Biblical Worldview is misunderstood and misaligned, I would thoroughly encourage church leaders to invite Dr. Knopp to come challenge and encourage their people.”



Tom Marshall

Academic Dean, Maritime Christian College (http://www.mccpei.com)

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"With clarity, that only years of experience can bring to a subject, Dr. Knopp revealed and identified for us what it meant to have a Christian worldview during our Kenneth T. Norris Lectures. His multimedia presentation, handouts and worldvieweyes.org website were invaluable as a resource."