Dr. Richard A. Knopp

Curriculum Vitae

  • Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics, Lincoln Christian University (LCU).
  • Project Coordinator and Presenter for Room for Doubt, a grant-funded apologetics project at LCU whose purpose is to provide learning experiences and resources to substantiate the faith of committed Christians, regenerate the faith of younger Christians who have doubts about their heritage, and vindicate the Christian faith to non-Christians. The project began in August 2013.  Its initial three-year phase is funded by a $675,000 grant from the Loftis Foundation.
  • Program Director of WorldViewEyes, a grant-funded program for youth and adults administered through LCU. The program is designed to help Christian youth and adults EXPAND their minds, ENGAGE their culture, EVALUATE non-Christian beliefs; and EMBRACE a consistently-lived Christian worldview. Over 75,000 adults and youth have attended a WorldViewEyes multimedia presentation. The program has received six grants from the Lilly Endowment totalling over $1,000,000.
  • Board member since 1992 for the Christian Campus Foundation, a campus ministry at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.


  • Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Illinois, 1991.
    Dissertation: “Religious Belief and the Problems of Cognitivity and Commitment: A Reappraisal Based on Contemporary Philosophy of Science.”
  • M.A. in Philosophy, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1983.
    Thesis: “Karl Popper’s Concept of Rationality in Science.”
  • M.Div. in Philosophy and Theology, Lincoln Christian Seminary, 1979.
  • B.A. in Christian Ministries, St. Louis Christian College, 1973.
  • Philosophy of Religion; Apologetics; Worldview Studies; Philosophy of Science; Ethics.
  • Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Worldviews; Christianity and Science; Ethics; Philosophy of Religion; Introduction to Apologetics; Logic; The Contemporary Pluralistic World (lecturer).
  • Graduate/Seminary Courses: Christianity and the Philosophy of Religion; Science, Theology, and Philosophy; Understanding Contemporaray Mindsets; Ethics; Types of Apologetics.
  • Evangelical Philosophical Society.
  • Evangelical Theological Society.
  • Founding Editorial Board Member for the Stone-Campbell Journal (1998-2002).
  • Program Coordinator for the Room For Doubt grant program, a $675,000 grant.
  • Grant writer and Program Director for WorldViewEyes, a program funded by six grants totaling $1,027,530 from Lilly Endowment Inc. (2000-present).
  • Athletic Hall of Fame (basketball), St. Louis Christian College (inaugural class inductee, 2013).  Currently ranked 2nd all-time scorer (2,225 points. 22.7 pts/game; all-time leader in freethrows attempted and in free throws made).
  • 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award, St. Louis Christian College.
  • 2007 Wolford Award from St. Louis Christian College. Granted to former SLCC students "who exhibit Christian character and have made significant impact on SLCC athletics and in ministry."
  • $10,000 award winner from the Templeton Foundation for developing model courses in science and religion (1991). Course entitled “Science and Theology: Problems, Perspectives, and Possibilities.”
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Professional/Academic Papers & Presentations

    • International Christian Evidence Conference at York College, Nebraska (June 19-21, 2015). Plenary session ("Rethinking Worldview: A New Paradigm for Christian Discipleship") and one workshop ("Dealing with Doubt").
    • "Is There Room for Doubt in Christian Apologetics?" Stone-Campbell Journal Conference (April 10-11, 2015).
    • "Using Media to Illustrate Christian Worldview Ideas."  Stone-Campbell Journal Conference (March 14-15, 2014).
    • "The Legacy of the Kuhn-Popper Debate: Some Lessons for Evangelicals." 2013 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological/Philosophical Society. (Nov. 19, 2013).
    • "A New Paradigm for Worldview: Locating Its Basis in Deuteronomy 6." Stone-Campbell Journal Conference. (April 5-6, 2013).
    • "What I've Learned from Worldview Assessments: A Critical Appraisal for the Academy and the Church." Midwest Evangelical/Philosophical Society Meeting. (March 9, 2013)
    • "Teaching Them to Love Wisdom: The Christian Philosopher in the Classroom: Effective Tools and Strategies for Teaching Well." Midwest Evangelical/Philosophical Society Meeting panel presentation with Dr. Bryan O'Neal (Moody) and Dr. James Stump (Bethel College). (March 8, 2013).
    • Lessons from the Philosophy of Science on the Perceptions and Practice of Science” - Invited lecture for the Center for Research in Science (CRIS), Azusa Pacific University (Nov. 29, 2011).  See http://www.apu.edu/cris/. Lecture video available on iTunes-U at:
    • “Philosophy of Science and Christian Concerns: Reflections on a 20-Year-Old Dissertation” – Plenary presenter for the Midwest Evangelical Theological-Philosophical Society Meeting (March 2011).
    • K. T. Norris Lectures at Maritime Christian College, Prince Edward Island, Canada (January 2010).
      • "Digesting God's Call to a Christian Worldview"
      • "Discovering the Implications of a Christian Worldview"
      • "Detecting Clashing Worldviews in Our Culture"
      • "Developing a Christian Response to Competing Worldviews"
      • Sermons: "Living a Biblical Worldview: Monitoring Moses"; "Living a Biblical Worldview: Principles from Paul; "Detecting and Deciding on the Influences in Your Life" (youth).
    • “Apologetic Cartography in a Postmodern World: Does Anyone Have a Compass?” - The Theological Forum, North American Christian Convention (2004) [text of paper in htm format or pdf format].
    • “The Compatibility of Faith and Science” - Faith, Science, and Medicine Seminar, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine and the Christian Medical and Dental Society Continuing Education Seminar, Peoria, Illinois (2000) [available on videotape].
    • “The Nature of Science and Christian Commitment” - University of Illinois Christian Faculty Colloquium (2000) .
    • Lectureship on "Science and Christian Faith" - Manhattan Christian College and Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas (1998).
    • “On the Value of the Philosophy of Science: Some Implications for Theology and Apologetics” - Wheaton Theology Conference, Wheaton College , Wheaton , Illinois (1993) .
    • “Contemporary Philosophy of Science and Its Implications for Theology” - Fellowship of Christian Professors’ Meeting, St. Louis (1992).
    • “Christianity and Science” - Lecture at Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois (1990) .

Presentations for Churches,
Christian Schools, and Campus Ministries

    • "Learning to Love God, Not the World."  Sermon for Lincoln Christian Seminary chapel (Jan. 25, 2017)
    • "Room For Doubt at a Christian University?"  Sermon to introduce the Room For Doubt Six-Week Series for undergraduate chapel, Lincoln Christian University (Jan. 10, 2017).
    • Workshop and Q&A for Room For Doubt area-wide campaign. Shelbyville, IL area (Nov. 20, 2016).
      • "Biblical Guidelines for Defending the Christian Faith in a World of Alternatives"
      • "Key Considerations for Defending (and Living) Your Faith"
    • "Dealing with Doubt While Making Disciples."  Senior Saints presentation. Jefferson Street Christian Church, Lincoln, IL (Nov. 10, 2016).
    • "Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?" and Q&A Event (Mar 20, 2016). Chillicothe, IL
    • "Thinking about the Elephant in the Room: A Christian Approach to Science" (Feb. 24, 2016). High School at Westside Christian Church, Springfield, IL..
    • "Encountering God Who Sometimes Doesn't Make Sense" (Feb. 17, 2016). Chapel sermon at Lincoln Christian Seminary. Click HERE for video.
    • "Why Does God Allow Tragedy and Suffering?"; workshop on "Room for Doubt, Yet Reaons for Hope;" and Q&A Event (Jan 31, 2016).  Minier, IL.
    • "The Cultural Demise and the Demands of a Christian Worldview" (Oct. 20, 2015).  Illinois State Ministers' Retreat.
    • "Who Are You?  A New Way of Thinking about Following Jesus." High School Worship Message (April 19, 2015). Eastview Christian Church, Normal, IL.  
    • Apologetics Conference at Cincinnati Christian University (March 20-21, 2015).  Four sessions. For a video of the session on "Room for Doubt, yet Reason for Hope," CLICK HERE.
    • "Addressing Doubts about Faith."  Winter Retreat for Illinois/Iowa Campus Ministries.  Springfield, IL  (Feb. 27-28, 2015). Three sessions.
    • "Faith: Is There Room for Doubt?" Illinois Christian Teen Convention (Nov. 8, 2014).
    • "The Demise and the Demands of the Christian Worldview."  Area Men's Meeting.  Macomb, IL (Oct. 27, 2014).
    • "Love God, Not the World" (1 John 2:15-17).  Message for College Church, Illinois State University, sponsored by Eastview Christian Church, Bloomington, IL (Oct. 23, 2014).
    • "The Day God Left" (Ezek 9:1-11; 10:1-22). Message for chapel, Lincoln Christian Seminary. Click HERE for just audio recording.  Click HERE for audio with slides.
    • "If You Continue in the Faith" (Colossians 1:21-23).  Presentation for high school camp, Little Galilee Christian Camp (June 18, 2014).
    • "We Are The Church."  Sermon at Lincoln Christian Church. Lincoln, IL (May 25, 2014).
    • Room For Doubt Seminar, Madison Park Christian Church, Quincy, IL (March 7-8, 2014).  Four sessions.  Click HERE for resources.
    • Room For Doubt Seminar, Christian Church of Clarendon Hills, IL (March 1-2, 2014). Four sessions and sermon.  Click HERE for resources.
    • "Grace Fights for Deliverance" (2 Cor. 10:1-6): Message for Lincoln Christian University chapel (Feb. 11, 2014).  Audio only recordingAudio with Slides
    • 2013 Commencement Address for St. Louis Christian College. CLICK HERE for audio.
    • "An Introduction to Christian Apologetics": Special Study at Lincoln Christian Church (5 sessions, April-May, 2013).
    • "Living a Christian Worldview in an Age of Alternatives" - Taylorville Christian Church, Taylorville, IL (Oct, 2012)
      • "God's Call to a Christian Worldview"
      • "Worldview Lessons from the Apostle Paul"
      • "Being a Confident Christian in a Culture of Competitors"
    • "The Story: Beginnings": West Side Christian Church, Springfield, IL (Sept-Oct, 2012)
      • "The Beginning of the Story" (Gen 1-9)
      • "The Origin of God's Nation" (Gen 12-35)
      • "Joseph: From Favored Son, to Slave, to Egyptian Sovereign"
    • Learning to Love God with Your Worldview”: Northview Church, Carmel, IN (and West Lafayette campus by video). Six presentations (April-May, 2011).
    • “Singing in Our Celebration (Psalm 19): Chapel sermon for Lincoln Christian Seminary (Nov. 2010). Click HERE for audio and slides.
    • “Genesis, Science, and the Christian Worldview”: Mahomet (IL) Christian Church, scheduled for Oct. 15-16, 2010.
    • “The Story of One Universe (Genesis 1)”: Lincoln Christian University, Undergraduate Studies chapel (Sept. 2010).
    • K. T. Norris Lectureship at Maritime Christian College, Prince Edward Island, Canada (January 2010). Four lectures and two sermons on developing and applying a Christian worldview.
    • “Science, Genesis, and the Christian Worldview”: Madison Park Christian Church, Quincy, IL (2010).
    • "An Orientation to Worldviews and a Biblical Worldview": leadership training event for Lincoln (IL) Christian Church (2009).
    • "Being Truly Christian in a World with Clashing Worldviews": 3 sessions at Westbrook Christian Church in Bolingbrook, IL (2009).
    • "A Christian Perspective on Science and Evolution": Bible & Worldview Institute presentation at Morris (IL) Christian Church (2009).
    • "The Need for a Biblical Worldview in an Age of Options": Bible & Worldview Institute presentation at Morris (IL) Christian Church (2009).
    • "The Need for a Biblical Worldview in an Age of Options": Bible & Worldview Institute presentation at Lincoln (IL) Christian Church (2008).
    • "Developing and Living a Biblical Worldview in an Age of Options" (5 weeks): Lincoln Christian Church Crusaders' Sunday School (2007).
    • "Me, My World, and My Worldview" (3 weeks): Lincoln Christian Church Senior High Fusion (2007).
    • "Biblical Ethics and Absolutes": Madison Park Christian Church, Quincy, IL (2006).
    • "Starting to Think about BIGGER Things": Eastview Christian Church, Bloomington, IL (2006).
    • "Evolutionism, Creationism, and Intelligent Design": Southside Christian Church, Springfield, IL (2006).
    • "Learn 2 See: Understanding and Developing a Biblical Worldview" - Staff development workshop at Lincoln Christian College & Seminary, Lincoln, IL (2005).
    • College Park Christian Church, Normal, IL (2005):
      • "A Christian Orientation to Competing Worldviews"
      • "Evolutionism and Creationism"
      • "Intelligent Design: Is It an Intelligent Movement?"
    • Lincoln Christian College & Seminary Staff Retreat (2005)
    • Western Illinois University Campus Ministry Retreat (2005)
    • LeRoy Christian Church, LeRoy, Illinois (2004): “Worldview Vaccination”
    • Cornerstone Christian Academy, Bloomington, Illinois (2004): “Learning to Do and Teach ‘Worldview Thinking’”
    • First Christian Church of Champaign (2001): Apologetic Series
    • First Christian Church of Mattoon , Illinois (2001): Christianity & Science Series
    • Eastview Christian Church, Bloomington, Illinois (1993): Seminar on "World Religions"

Church Conference & Convention Presentations (All of these are multimedia in nature)

    • "Why is the Church Losing Her Kids, and What Can We Do About It?"  Truth Conference. Hosted at Riverside Community Church, Peoria, IL (Nov. 19, 2016).
    • "Learning to Love God in a World of Growing Skepticism and Secularism." North American Christian Convention, Anaheim, CA (July 13, 2016).
    • "Learning to Love God in a World of Skeptics and Alternative Ways of Life." Intentional Church Conference, Decatur, IL (April 23, 2016).
    • "Being Relevant in a Culture of Growing Doubt and Skepticism." Michigan Christian Convention (April 2016). Four sessions.
    • "Learning to Speak with Conviction When There is Room for Doubt." North American Christian Convention, Cincinnati, OH (June 24, 2015).
    • "Faith: Is There Room For Doubt?"  Illinois Christian Teen Convention, Lincoln, IL (Nov. 2014).
    • "Rethinking Worldview: A New Paradigm for Christian Discipleship."  North American Christian Convention, Indianapolis, IN (2014).
    • "Loving God: A New Paradigm for Understanding and Living a Christian Worldview" and "Room For Doubt: Guidelines for Defending Faith."  Intentional Church Conference, Decatur, IL (April 26, 2014).
    • “The Church’s Need for Worldview Inoculation.” Eastern Christian Convention, Hershey, Pennsylvania (2004).
    • “Worldview Inoculation: Get a Christian Shot Where It Counts!” North American Christian Convention Teen Convention, Phoenix, Arizona (2004).
    • “Worldviews for Christian Teens.” Midwest Region Evangelical Theological Society, Lincoln, Illinois (2004).
    • “The Call to Pastoral Leadership”.  Lilly Endowment Forum, Indianapolis, Indiana (2003).
    • “The Worldviews of My Neighbors."  National Missionary Convention, Tulsa, Oklahoma (2001).
    • “A Birdseye View of World Religions." National Missionary Convention, Tulsa, Oklahoma (2001).
    • “Destined to Encounter Competing Worldviews” and “Destined to Interact with Science.” National Youth Leaders’ Convention, Joplin, Missouri (2000).
    • “Defending Christian Faith Against Competing Worldviews” and “Encountering Competing Worldviews."  National Missionary Convention, Knoxville, Tennessee (2000).
    • “Science and Christian Apologetics.” North American Christian Convention, St. Louis, Missouri (1998).
    • “A New Testament Model for Developing Moral Values in an Amoral World." Southern Illinois Christian Convention, Mt. Vernon, Illinois (1992).

Youth & Youth Leader Conferences (all presentations are multimedia in nature and were written and produced by Rich Knopp and WVE staff)

    • "Your Faith is in Danger: Prepare for the Assault." Lincoln Christian University high school Fall Campus Challenge (Oct. 29, 2016).
    • "Who Am I? A New Way to Think about Following Jesus." The Vine high school event at Lincoln Christian University (April 2, 2016).
    • American Baptist Youth Conference (Pontiac, IL): Workshop on World Religions (2010).
    • Illinois Christian Teen Convention (2003): “Worldviews in the Bible and Your Culture”
    • Christ in Youth Summer Conferences (2004): “Through God’s Eyes"
    • Little Galilee Family Camp (2003): Presentations for youth & adults on worldviews
    • Christ in Youth Summer Conferences (2003): Produced three multimedia presentations.
    • Christ in Youth Discipleship Retreats (2002): “A Christian Response to Muslim Terrorism and 9-11”
    • Christ in Youth Summer Conferences (2002): “A Christian Response to Islam and Muslim Terrorism” and “The God of Hollywood vs. The God of the Holy Book”
    • Indiana Christian Youth Convention (2002): “Developing Worldview Eyes by Cultivating a Christian Mind”
    • Indiana Christian Youth Convention (2002): “Developing Worldview Eyes by Comprehending Competing Worldviews in Contemporary Culture”
    • Christ in Youth Discipleship Retreats (2001): “The Spiritual Disciplines in Today’s World”
    • Christ in Youth Summer Conferences (2001): “Right or Wrong: Tough Ethical Issues for Teenagers”
    • Tennessee Christian Teen Convention, Knoxville, Tennessee (2000): “In a World of Worldviews and Not of It: Worldviews and Your Christian Mission”
    • Christ in Youth Discipleship Retreats (2000): “A Christian Response to a Culture of Confusion and Competing Worldviews”
    • Christ in Youth Summer Conferences (2000): “Ancient Questions—Competing Answers”



  • Learning to Love God: A Christian Worldview Apologetic - A text that offers an innovative approach to worldview; surveys prominent worldviews; provides strategies for evaluating worldviews; and discusses what it means to live a Christian worldview.
  • "Lessons from Contemporary Philosophy of Science for the Stone-Campbell Heritage." Forthcoming chapter in a book on philosophy and the Stone-Campbell Movement, edited by Caleb Clanton.
  • "The Legacy of the Kuhn-Popper Debate: Some Lessons for Evangelicals." Academic paper being prepared for publication.
  • Designing and offering multimedia presentations on Christian worldview and apologetics.
  • Board member, Christian Campus Foundation Campus Ministry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1992-present); Board chairman (2004-2009, 2011-2015).
  • Soloist for church choir and ensembles, Lincoln Christian Church.
  • Interim Preaching Minister, Bethel Church , Farmer City , Illinois (1999).
  • Deacon, First Christian Church, Champaign , Illinois (1982-1983).
  • Interim Preaching Minister, First Christian Church, West Frankfort , Illinois (1980-1981).
  • Preaching Minister, McLean Christian Church, McLean , Illinois (1974-1979).
  • Youth & Bus Minister, First Christian Church, Florissant , Missouri (1972-1974).
  • Youth Minister, First Church of Christ, Wood River, Illinois (1970-1971).
  • Married since 1971. Three children and 7 grandchildren.
  • Wife, Paula, teaches psychology at Lincoln College, a private college in Lincoln, IL that was established by some of Abraham Lincoln's friends in the 1860s.
  • Preacher's son. Lived in Kentucky, Iowa, Wyoming, Missouri, Illinois, and North Carolina.
  • Had 2 retina detachments in my left eye, several eye surgeries in 2005-2006, and spinal fusion surgery in 2016.
  • Enjoy golf, pingpong, tennis, and billiards (though I could do those things a lot better when I could see with two eyes and before I blew out my left ALC.  Before that, I also loved volleyball, basketball, and wiffleball).
  • Played The King in Lincoln Community Theater's 1991 production of "The King and I." In 2015, I sang "It's a Puzzlement" from this show for LCT's fund-raising production, "LCT: An Encore."
  • Former all-time scoring leader in basketball (22.7 pts/game) at St. Louis Christian College: record held for about 20 years (before the use of the 3-point line).
  • Played second base for a high school AAA State Champion baseball team (North Carolina).
  • High school all-state second baseman (North Carolina).
  • Played trumpet and was drum major in high school band.


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