Strengthening Conviction by Giving
Room For Doubt

by Dr. Rich Knopp

Church Leaders' Conference
Lincoln Christian University
February 18, 2017

This session is an introduction to the need for, and the nature of, the Room For Doubt program and its six-week series. The six-week series is a message and discussion curriculum for churches, area-wide campaigns, Christian schools, and campus ministries.

Room For Doubt provides learning experiences and resources to strengthen the faith of committed Christians, address the questions of those who have doubts about their Christian heritage, and represent the Christian message to those who are skeptical about its claims.

Session Handouts & Resources

  • Slides (in PDF format).

  • Audio Recording Synced with Slides (when available).

  • VIDEO of Presentation (when available).

Lists of Relevant Annotated Books & Websites:


Dr. Rich Knopp is Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University - Lincoln, Illinois; Director of WorldViewEyes; and Project Coordinator for Room For Doubt. His multimedia presentations have been attended by over 75,000 in 22 states and Canada.  For more biographical info, click HERE.



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