"Rethinking Worldview: A New Paradigm for Christian Discipleship"

Workshop for the Theology & Apologetics Track
Wednesday, July 9, 2014
3:30 p.m. EDT

By Richard A. Knopp

Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics
Project Coordinator, Room For Doubt
Program Director, WorldViewEyes
Lincoln Christian University

Session Description

David Kinnaman says that the alarming church dropout rate among young adults primarily stems from a "disciple-making problem" (You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church ... and Rethinking Faith). This multimedia session introduces a new paradigm for Christian worldview to address this issue. Based on the greatest commandment to love God, the paradigm directly connects Christian worldview to discipleship development in personal integrity, individual involvement, relational investment, socio-academic influence, cultural impact, and apologetic interaction. Session sponsored by Room For Doubt


Session Handout (slightly revised from the convention handout).

Session Handout with Answers for Blanks.

An audio recording of this session can be found HERE. (Just do a search for "Knopp" and it should take you to the item "NACC14-31" - "Rethinking Worldview: A New Paradigm for Christian Discipleship.")

Color Slides in PDF format (9.1mb). Note: If you get the audio recording, you can follow along by scrolling through the slides. Unfortunately, each slide is shown in its entirety; the individual "builds" on the slides are not retained.


Dr. Rich Knopp is Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University - Lincoln, Illinois; Director of WorldViewEyes; and Project Coordinator for Room For Doubt. For more biographical info, click here.

Email your questions or comments (before, during, or after the event). Please feel free to offer your input on this material.

Session Sponsored by Room For Doubt

Some Comments About the Session

  • "I just wanted to thank you for your presentation at the NACC this week! I was inspired to think again. I did not really even realize that I wasn't. Listening to your presentation I found that my mind has become consumed with the busyness of ministry and I rarely think deeply anymore. I am excited to share this, what I explained as, spiritually holistic approach to worldviews, and look forward to the curriculum on which you are working...."


Pictures below from the Worldview Class at Northview Church - Carmel, IN



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