Chris Graebe is one of the bright stars of MTV’s top rated extreme sports reality programs, Road Rules: South Pacific & Battle of the Sexes 2...AND he is co-Host with Todd Henry on REALITY TRIP.

With the platform of MTV and his unique stance of being a positive role model on shows that typically depict everything but a positive example, Chris is clearly a light in a very dark place.

[The MTV television shows, Road Rules and Battle of the Sexes 2 is broadcast to over 70 million households in the United States reaching 71% of the nation’s population with the main demographic audience being 18-34 year olds. Internationally, MTV is broadcast to over 336.8 million households on MTV Europe, MTV Latino, MTV Australia and MTV Asia.]

Being blessed as a cast member on these highly popular shows, Chris has had the opportunity to become a highly established and national recognized public speaker. His purpose is to inspire today’s youth with positive messages of sexual abstinence, drug & alcohol awareness and his love of Jesus Christ. Chris has spoken at many events from high school assemblies at our nation’s capitol to college rallies, youth conventions and at numerous churches across the United States.

Chris brought an element of reason and stability to Road Rules and Battle of the Sexes 2 and was often the peace keeper and arbitrator among the cast. This unique ability, coupled with his unfailing sense of humor, enables him to ingratiate himself to his audience quickly.

Chris’s passion is to strengthen youth by encouraging them to grasp and believe the idea that they do not have to partake in drugs and alcohol to fit in or be cool. Ask anyone who has witnessed one of his speaking appearances and they will attest that his pop culture celebrity keeps the youthful crowds tuned in to his every word.

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