Jerseyville, IL

"intelligent, funny, compassionate, genuine, personable "

Biggest Issue Concerning The World: Apathy ("Horrible things are happening every single day, with war in Iraq, genocide in Sudan, and the tsunami tragedy, but people turn a deaf ear to what is going on around them and compassion is slowly disappearing from our culture.")

Biggest Flaw: Discouraged too easily

Biggest Fear: Failure

Biggest Influence: Week-long speaker @ a church camp. ("He is the most loving, compassionate, spirit-filled person I have ever met and he completely changed the way I look at religion and Scripture.")

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Quote: "We do the best we can in a small town, active big city kids when the sun goes down."

Random Fact: "Jimi Hendrix played lead guitar as a teenager in Little Richard's backup band. That's right, Hendrix."

"Childhood thoughts make me sick,
Longing for what I'm remembering.
Cemeteries and cigars, Friday nights in the pastor's yard
Trampolines are the best to see the Midwest stars.
But dreams start to disappear when you realize fear,
and you know you might be nothing, at least nothing great.
So these nights are all I have, seconds from sleep, but I can't relax
Because I know I am at the bottom, I am nothing...
But I'm not done."


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