Canton, IL

"comical, animated, passionate, engaging, inquisitive"

Biggest Issue Concerning The World: "Children are mistreated in big and small ways and then we wonder why there are so many messed up adults."

Biggest Flaw: Overly blunt and sarcastic

Biggest Fear: "Not much...devil and demons perhaps."

Biggest Influence: Younger siblings ("They have taught me to be a role model and how to have amazing, pure, random FUN.")

Favorite Food: Chicken with cheese and mushrooms on it, or anything ridiculously healthy.

Favorite Quote: "Adversity only makes us stronger when we understand that there is a purpose."

Random Fact: "My ear was CUT OFF for plastic surgery and I had to wear a turban."

"My faith is like a spark that is growing into a consuming fire. I can look back on my life and see the radical transforming power of God/Holy Spirit. I embrace a dose of conviction and get pumped about it. Few mentors/adults have influenced my life. Sometimes I feel like it's just been me and God through the HARD times. This has made me a very independent and dependent person. The lack of discipleship/influence in my life has given me a burning passion to influence others."


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