Todd Henry, on-camera Co-Host and Executive Producer of REALITY TRIP, brings to the show a plethora of experiences in both pop culture/worldview studies and leading young adults, including:

* Ordained clergy; 5 years on staff of local churches as Director of Youth Ministries
* Leader of student cross-cultural projects in 5 countries and several diverse U.S. communities
* Substitute teacher for several county school districts
* Character-ed retreat facilitator @ 100+ elementary and secondary schools
* Former Director of a worldwide online youth ministry teaching resource
* Creator/"Head Dishwasher" of NEOSCOSMOS ("the world(view) of the young"), an online resource that helped youth workers bridge pop culture chats into spiritual conversations
* Student workcamp and 1-day youth ministry training presenter
* Program and funding Development Director for WorldViewEyes

Todd genuinely LIKES to hang out with young adult folk (REALLY!), and his relational/communication skills allowed him to develop trust quickly with the cast members.

"I spent hours personally interviewing each of our cast members to find out who they REALLY are, what specific issues 'trip their trigger', where worldview conflicts prick THEIR heart, etc..."

"I told them all along that the world (and I) didn't need another half dozen students trying to FAKE their way through how a young adult is SUPPOSED to fuse what they believe with what they do and who they are. I loved on 'em a bunch,...but I also frequently held their feet to the fire. And, I think each of them will agree that they, their audience of peers, and the potential impact of our show are better for it."

"All that being said, did I mention the fact that I grossly underestimated how much my own worldview would be placed under the microscope and ROCKED almost every day of taping? Good stuph! Stay tuned..."


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5 states
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