Growing Faith by Giving
ROOM For Doubt

by Dr. Richard A. Knopp


Workshop Handouts & Resources

  • Handout (with ANSWERS for blanks). 
  • Session Slides (in PDF format. 13mb).

  • Audio/Video Recording Synced with Slides (Coming soon).

Session Presenter

Dr. Rich Knopp is Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University - Lincoln, Illinois; Program Director for WorldViewEyes; and Program Director for Room For Doubt. His multimedia presentations have been attended by about 80,000 in 22 states, Canada, and China.  For more biographical info, click HERE.

New Small Group Curriculum Coming!

Dr. Knopp has written a video-based six-week curriculum for the Center for Church Leadership on "Prepared: Defending the Bible and Christ's Resurrection."  The accompanying videos (about 30 minutes each) are still in production. Email for more information.

Lesson Titles:

  1. The Bible and Christ's Resurrection: What's At Stake?
  2. The Character and Claims of Scripture
  3. The New Testament Testimony
  4. The Reliability of the Gospels
  5. Defending the Resurrection of Christ
  6. Living the Resurrection

Key Features of the Curriculum:

  • Participant Guide (guidelines for participants; lesson outlines with fill-in blanks; discussion questions; things to do and read between sessions).
  • Leader Guide (contains everything in the Participant Guide PLUS: leader instructions; beatitudes of group leaders; relevant ice-breaker suggests for each session; lesson outlines with answers in the blanks).
  • Recommended Resources. (a) Print and online study Bibles; (b) Books with brief descriptions; (c) Websites with information about each one.
  • Charts:  (a) The Bible's Historical Framework; (b) Earliest New Testament Books and Events; (c) Greek New Testament Manuscript Timeline.





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New Six-Week
Video Curriculum

"Prepared: Defending the Bible and Christ's Resurrection."