WVE Youth Events

In 2014, WVE used "The Vine" as its key youth event.  On April 4-5, Lincoln Christian University welcomed 340 high school students and youth sponsors from across the Midwest.  Students came from 39 different churches from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, and Ohio.

The Vine Conference will be held at LCU on April 10-11, 2015.  Please plan to attend!

However, if you are looking for a more intense and amazing experience, WVE highly recommends "Disciples Days" at Restoration House Ministries in New Hampshire. This small week-long seminar will spur your discipleship and open your eyes to what God is doing in the northeast part of America.  For many years, WVE partnered with Restoration House to offer this unique event. 

Check it out! This could be a life-changing experience that could redirect your future. Click HERE for more info.



For a list of WVE presentations, click HERE.