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Worldview Camp @ Pinehaven

Park Rapids, MN. Worldview Camp 2021.

Howell’s Mill Christian Assembly Celebrating 60 Years of Service!

St. Albans, WV. Howell’s Mill Christian Assembly 2020. Adults, High School, College.

Learning to Live & Defend the Christian Worldview

Eugene, OR. Grove Christian Camp 2020. High School.

Worldview Camp @ Pinehaven

Park Rapids, MN. Worldview Camp 2019. High School/College Students

Preparing to Give an Answer

Lowell Church of Christ – Christian- Lowell, IN
Preparing to Give an Answer. Adults.

Understanding and Engaging the Nones

Stone-Campbell Journal Conference, Milligan College. Understanding and Engaging the Nones. Adults.

The Challenge of Doubts and Prodigals

Lincoln Christian University
The Parable of the Sower. Adults.

Are Ya Crazy?

Eastview Christian Church, Normal, IL. Are Ya Crazy? Junior High Students

Preparing the Soil for the Seed: Giving Room For Doubt

Kansas City Convention Center. Preparing the Soil for Seed. Adults.

Truth, Tolerance, and Acceptance

The Vine @ Lincoln Christian University. Truth, Tolerance, and Acceptance. High School students.