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Enrollment Instructions


Worldview & Apologetics Curriculum

In addition to many resources that accompany program presentations, Worldview Eyes (in partnership with Room For Doubt and Lincoln Christian University) offers a video-based curriculum that introduces the concept of
worldview, surveys and evaluates non-Christian worldviews, and explains and applies the Christian worldview.  

The video presentations are given by Dr. Richard Knopp, Professor of Philosophy & Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University, Program Director of Worldview Eyes, and Program Director of Room For Doubt.

Credit/Audit Options

The curriculum may be used in various ways:

* For college credit (3 semester hours).
* For church leaders (continuing education).
* For church classes, college ministries, high school youth groups.
* For personal spiritual development.

If taken for COLLEGE CREDIT, the course will be offered at a discounted rate. If NOT taken for college credit, the cost will be minimal and will depend on the size of the group or its specific use.

12-Month Access to Curriculum

The Worldview & Apologetics curriculum will include the following components:

     * Video presentations (50 minutes each; multicamera recordings with multimedia slides).
     * Basic outlines of presentations. 
     * Fill-in-the-blank presentation notes.
     * Quizzes on the presentations.
     * Slides used in presentations.
     * Interaction with class assistants.

For those taking the class for college credit, various assignments will be required (e.g. reports on video presentations, online posts, quizzes, two four-page papers.


Everyone accessing the video curriculum must register through Lincoln Christian University.

When the course is available, registration instructions will be provided here.

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